About Imagination…

I love the quote above from L. Frank Baum. I don’t expect many know anything about the author so I thought I would enlighten you 🧐 Here is a little bit about him from my friends at Wikipedia:

41 novels, 83 short stories, and 200 poems is quite an accomplishment. But, I’m certain his book about Oz will label him in history.

I can’t say that The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was my favorite books or movies, but it certainly was creative. He lived life on his own terms and that is something all of us should try to emulate.

Outside The Box…

I love outside the box buildings. They spark my creative imagination. I love things that stretch your imagination, stretch your brain.

For this post, I want to show you an “outside the box” art museum.  I don’t think there is another building quite like this one.  It is the Milwaukee Museum of Art. I usually only give you one photo at a time but since I had trouble picking it I  will give you a few more here. The inside shots are both in the lobby.

Milwaukee Art Museum-3
Milwaukee Art Museum-4
Milwaukee Art Museum-5