Pueblos Art

Pueblo Art – Santa Fe NM

In order to be an artist, you must pretty much reside on the margins. I’m sure the artist’s name who made the above painting has long been forgotten, but his life lives on through his art. That is indeed a noble legacy from living on the margins.

My Acadian Friend

I have got to put this picture back on the revised-edition of RJsView as it is one of my favorite memories from my visits to our northern neighbors. This old guy has likely spent a very long life in a very cold place. When I came across him, I almost had the feeling that I was invading his space, but got the idea that he really didn’t mind.

Chillin Out In Cleveland

A little self-abstract for you today. While visiting some high school classmates in Cleveland we decided to see the famous city market there. The original of this abstract was taken at a small café that was in the same building. It ended up that the market was closed that day (Tuesday?), but we still enjoyed a tasty breakfast and a quick peek through the market doors.