About Imagination…

I love the quote above from L. Frank Baum. I don’t expect many know anything about the author so I thought I would enlighten you 🧐 Here is a little bit about him from my friends at Wikipedia:

41 novels, 83 short stories, and 200 poems is quite an accomplishment. But, I’m certain his book about Oz will label him in history.

I can’t say that The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was my favorite books or movies, but it certainly was creative. He lived life on his own terms and that is something all of us should try to emulate.

I am A Word Collector

I recently watched a new episode of Last Tango In Halifax which is a British TV show about two retirees who were in love in their youth meeting again and getting married. I have to say I am watching much more British TV now than ever before. Endevour is probably my favorite. But, that’s another post…

Anyway, on that show, one of the retirees mentioned that a young boy that he was trying to help was a collector of words. I had never heard that phrase before and since being a wordsmith the phrase it immediately attached itself to a permanent part of my brain. 🤓

It brought back the discussion between Polonius and Hamlet as shown here. Since I have already shown so much of myself here I will come out and say that I was probably one of the few high school kids who actually enjoyed reading Shakespeare in my high school English classes. Most of the kids complained that someone needs to put out an interpretation of his plays so that they are more meaningful. But, to me, the Old English words of Shakespeare are what makes his plays so incredible. I suspect he labored over every sentence to make sure each word was the perfect one for that particular dialogue.

I have mentioned several times before that I too labor over all the words in my blogs. Each post usually goes through at least a half dozen audits to make sure I have chosen the most appropriate word for the circumstance. But sometimes, I admit that some of my posts are rather hurried and reading them later I am embarrassed that they were written so poorly. 😖 In fact, many times I will then go and do another edit even though it is pretty unlikely that anyone will ever read them the second time. I hope I never get famous (fat chance of that!!) because I am just not good at impromptu conversations such as unscripted interviews. While I pride myself on the written word I am a terrible public speaker. What I write can always be edited a few times before people are exposed to it. Another reason is that my brain is a terrible censor. I usually blurt out whatever I am thinking without considering if it that is appropriate. I blame my Aspie traits for that.

I am a collector of words

Since I have been deaf for more than 30 years now a very large part of each day is spent with viewing words. A few months ago I figured out (for whatever reason, I have no idea) That I have written about thirty novels worth of words on my various blogs. That puts me ahead of John Grisham for word count, but definitely not by $/word. 🤪 Another way to put it is that I have written the equivalent of four Bibles. Yep, I am definitely a collector of words… and proud of that fact.


Frankfort Ky (State Capital)

There are two basic things that captures my creativity, one is reflections, and the other is symmetry. I don’t really understand why that is, but that is OK. One of my favorite places to visit is Pleasant Hill Shaker Village near Lexington KY. The shakers were all about symmetry in most everything they did. This picture was taken on one of my first visits there in 2001. But, it was really taken on a short side-trip the Kentucky State Capital. Go figure 🥸

What a Creative Imagination

I will admit here that many of the photos I have used on my blog come from an online digital library. I pay quite a bit for the monthly access, but I think it is worth it when I find just the right photo to use for a blog post.

This is one of those rare times that I have discovered a photo that deserves attention for the photo alone. I eat half an avacado three or four times a week so I am used to seeing the raw photo above, but by just adding a few lines the author provided a very unique story. I almost feel sorry for the half that doesn’t have the seed now. 😪

Cooking Is My Life (well sort of…)

LOM (Life on the Margins) is supposed to be about creativity among a few other things. So, I have been thinking of putting on a “Recipe Corner” as that has been a significant part of my creative life.

I figured it out, and it looks like I have cooked or at least helped cook, about 1.5 million meals in my life. Most of those meals (over a million of them) were when I worked in a dormitory cafeteria for 5 years while going to school way back in the 1960s. I couldn’t have graduated without the money I earned there. I started at $0.90/hour and made it to $2.35/hour before the five years were up.

Another part was the eleven years I volunteered at a local soup kitchen. Those were some of the most enjoyable times of my life. I made many special friends there that I will treasure always. And then there are the meals I prepared for myself as a bachelor for 16 years and as a married person for going on 35 years now.

I have always enjoyed cooking, but I just can’t seem to stick to the recipe. There is always something that I think can make it better. Working in the soup kitchen we made meals with what we had so many recipes were self-invented. That allowed me to branch out to a more creative style. 😎

Anyway, here is the first installment in the new “Recipe Corner” here at LOM.

Mexican Chicken Salad

  • 2 cups dark meat chicken, cooked and shredded
  • 1/2 cup minced onion
  • 1/2 cup of English Cucumbers
  • 1 Jalapeño, minced
  • 1/2 cup Mayonnaise
  • 2 Tbsp. lemon juice
  • 1.5 tsp. chili powder
  • 1/2 tsp. paprika
  • sea salt and ground pepper

The original recipe called for bell pepper instead of English cucumbers, but I didn’t have any so substituted, and can’t image in being any better with bell peppers. English cucs are crisper than the regular one, and they add an interesting touch. Of course the original recipe called for chicken breasts, but I just don’t think they have the flavor and moisture of the dark meat.

Just mix everything together and chill. I have kept it in the refrigerator for over a week now, and it is as good as the first time. Btw – I used Sam’s Club rotisserie chicken because I always get one when I visit Sam’s. At $4.98 for a whole chicken it is quite a bargain. I feed the white meat to my cat and wife, they both prefer that dry stuff. I will proclaim that this is the best chicken salad I have ever eaten.

I know I gotta work on my photography skill for these pictures. I promise I will do better on the next one.

Rat Rods

What a Rat Rod!!

With this picture, I want to celebrate the Rat Rod. Much of my 2018 adventures were to go to numerous car shows around the country. The one in Des Moines was probably the biggest. There were thousands of cars there, but I kinda think this was one of my favorites. Rat Rods are usually built by the owner who builds them on the weekends.


I took a lot of pictures of the Mississinewa 1812 reenactments in 2019. Little did I know that this October 2019 event would be the last road trip until 2021. Hopefully, the pandemic will be under control this year so that my trips across America can continue. I chose this picture for today due primarily for its simplicity. It just seems like a serene scene in the middle of the chaos of battle.

Wall Art

For this post, I give you a piece of wall art. I mean that literally “wall art”. I need to give you a little background before I tell you more about it.

I went deaf in 1988. It was not a sudden thing, it slowly evolved for a 20-year period. One of the things I missed the most immediately was that TV was just not the same. In 1988 closed captioning was in its infancy. Most of the programs I had watched were either not captioned or the captioning was so bad that it really wasn’t usable. But still, I refused to give up on one of my life’s pleasures. So, what I would do was to watch the pictures and make up my own stories about what was happening. 🥴 Most often the pictures ended up very mismatched from my personal storyline, but that was ok.

Luckily, it would only be a year or two until captioning was greatly advance and I could actually see/hear again, at least as TV was concerned. Now getting to the link between this picture and my words. It’s been thirty years + since those days, but I still like to make up stories about many of the photos I have taken. So, that is what I am about to do.

Right now I don’t remember exactly where this photo was taken. But I do remember it was from a small abandoned town somewhere in Indiana. About the only buildings still occupied was the fire station and post office. That is not too unusual as buildings seem to live way beyond their useful life when they are funded by taxes. But, I am getting off the story. I do remember that this was on a jail. One window still existed with bars on it and there was still evidence of a jail cell in the back.

I can conjure up a story about a jail breakout causing the damage repaired. Maybe it was from a Bonnie and Clyde small-town bank robbers. From the other buildings in town, one was used to be a café, and yet another was a general store and a hotel. That would seem to make it a prime target for a bank robbing couple who cruised through the time. My mind conjured up several other stories from this picture. But, the final chapter was always that the repair just wasn’t done right and over the years the amateur job failed.

Like my TV watching time, I’m sure my stories don’t come close to matching any reality, but that is ok. That is what life is all about.

Coastal Taco

I love things that are unique and this picture is one of them. I love the randomness of the wires and lighting. This picture was taken at Coastal Taco in Cleveland Ohio. The building and even the menu were unique. And the tacos were pretty good.

Here is a couple more pictures for your perusal.

Chillin Out In Cleveland

A little self-abstract for you today. While visiting some high school classmates in Cleveland we decided to see the famous city market there. The original of this abstract was taken at a small café that was in the same building. It ended up that the market was closed that day (Tuesday?), but we still enjoyed a tasty breakfast and a quick peek through the market doors.

Most Beautiful

I want to present you with one of my 5star photos from my portfolio. It is of a junkyard in La Fruto Colorado. We happened upon it on our return trip from Santa Fe in 2015. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw it so had to go back for another view. It was a beautiful day in a very beautiful part of the country.