About Abstract Realism

Abstract Realism seems like an oxymoron. How can something be abstract and real at the same time. That contradiction entices my fascination with the very idea.

My primary project for the beginning of the rest of my life is to become a more creative person. I will proudly admit that in many areas I think of myself as one but there is no conceivable point where I will ever believe have enough creativity. To that end, I am branching out to Abstract Realism. So, let me get down to what my version of that looks like.

Realism, at least for this site is seeing things as they are. But anyone who has taken even a cursory look at psychology knows that in itself is a very subjective thing. It seems that all of us lose contact with realism as time goes by. What our mind tells us was real about distant things is often not real at all. So, you could say that all of us are abstract realists. 😂 I’m certain I am that I remember things in my past that actually never happened, or at least were quite different from what I remember.

The abstract part is where many of us get lost. When looking at abstract are we say “I just don’t get it?”. Most often that is said after our creativity has been squashed by one thing or another. For me, it started with my engineering education fifty years ago. It was thoroughly ground into me that if it isn’t real then it is fake. Even after all these years I still can’t say I get it when looking at some abstract art. That’s where abstract realism comes in for me personally.

I can put a “personal” spin on my photo portfolio by putting a touch of abstraction on them. If a photo stirs up a particular mood then I concentrate on highlighting that mood. Sometimes it is just taking the edge off reality, sometimes it is almost obliterating it. 😊 I will might also use abstract realism in my storytelling portion of RJ’sView where it might fill out the story.